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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Chill day :-)

Chilling out with a nice cuppa and a biscuit!

This is what I mainly did today!  And I really needed it.  The bonfire season is upon us so weekends are really busy, with out-fires (what a lovely old term!) on Saturday nights, and torch making on Sundays.  I'm having packed days in the clinics that I work in, and between encapsulating placentas and running my Mid Sussex Birthing Beads business,  the days are flying by.
This is great, and I am in the enviable position in my life of loving every aspect of my work.  It hasn't always been thus, so I really, really appreciate it.  Sometimes though, I just need to have a day to myself, in my trackies, watching JK, drinking tea, listening to Planet Rock, or catching up on You Tube videos.  Inevitably I end up reading breastfeeding textbooks or making beads, but that's all part of loving what you do!  I just love being able to do it all in my favourite room, pottering about with Ernie and the radio for company.
I am so sorely tempted to do it all again tomorrow too!! I'm becoming a hermit :-)

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