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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bonfire 14...done ✔

Bonfire in Lewes, 2014

Bonfire 2014 is done, for me.  There are another couple of bonfires in the villages of Sussex; Rotherfield this weekend, and Barcombe on the 22nd November.  I most probably won't be going, due in part to other things that I may choose to do, but also due to me feeling that its kind of over for me this year.  The costume has gone away, chats over the dinner table with family reveal that Dave feels pretty much the same.

We went to South Heighton's night on Saturday, and got absolutely drenched.  I am usually a fair weather bonfire girl, but this night was magical, I felt no pain.  The warm welcome from the small village society was enough to drive way the cold from my soaking skin.  On Sunday after tea we went out into the dark, when it felt like the whole of Sussex was cosied indoors for the evening.  We went to the pub which our HQ, for 'box night' to count the charity take.  This year, I had the honour of choosing the charity, and I chose the Trevor Mann baby Unit at Brighton, where my son was treated for severe respiratory distress syndrome after birth.  It felt like a closure, quietly counting with a few members, in the pub where we had gathered periodically during the 8 week season, and monthly since April, with mounting excitement for our night.  It was a bit of closure on another matter too, involving bonfire, and my son.  It was good.

It was a good one all round!  It was uneventful, and other people have remarked on the fact that it was lacking in edge and someone even called it 'pleasant'...not a word I would associate with November the 5th down in the Cliffe.  It is true though...the whole season, and 'the night' was pleasant.  I've done very unpleasant too, so I'm not going to be one of the ones complaining about it.

Next year the fifth will be on a Thursday, then I think we skip on to two consecutive Saturdays. (It's a bonfire thing, we don't march on a Sunday, so the forth will temporarily become the fifth.)  That will see a more lively crowd I'm sure, unless its lashing down, but that's way off into the future.  For now, Bonfire 2014 is a happy memory.

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