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Monday, 21 September 2015


a selection of what I'm using at the moment

These three are one half (YES) of my current journals.  There, I said it, its out.  I have used multiple journals for years, but I've never really been comfortable with that, because it felt kind of excessive, and obsessive, and, well, verging on being a lil cray-cray.

I discovered via various social media platforms that I am not alone.  Once I realised that using more than one journal is ok, I really settled into it and now I embrace my multiple journal personality!

Here we have my Midori Travellers Notebook, open on some of the cover pages which I've enjoyed decorating with inspirational quotes and pretty pictures that I've glued on.  My Midori is used everyday to write in, generally in bed before I go to sleep, pouring my heart out and also scribbling down ideas and intentions, as well as referring to the diary. I brain dump in it almost every  day.  It also contains permanent information that I use in my work.

I don't always take my Midori everywhere. The little leather journal in the picture that I call my mini-mi is just that, and goes everywhere that my phone goes.  They travel together in a silky little bag that protects them both from the rigours of being in my handbag or rucksack! That's more shopping lists, ideas, bullet points, and work stuff.

The retired A5 Domino filofax is now my at-home planner, and no longer contains a bought diary. Now I make my own weekly pages and plan out meals and blogging schedules in this big lump.  It used to be my workhorse, until it literally did my back in carrying it around.  That's a bit of a fib, I was dancing in a club with my work bag slung around my neck and this big old diary in the bag, as I had just come from a client to a Friday night out with friends.  It is much better suited to life on my desk, containing the detailed break-down of my ideas and plans.

I love journalling.  It makes me feel clearer, I can brain dump and move on without all those thoughts swirling around my head.  I use my work journal specifically to help me manifest the things I want for my working life, and I am constantly astounded and surprised by how well that actually works!  

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