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Friday, 24 June 2016

Summer breakfast

Figs, yoghurt and honey...a marriage made in heaven!

Such a simple summer breakfast, and a really healthy treat too.  I add some raisins and cinnamon to my thick, full fat home made yoghurt, and I buy locally made honey.

I started buying local honey when I began to suffer with hayfever for the first time in my life about 10 years ago.  I couldn't believe how debilitating and miserable an allergy hayfever could be; just like suffering a season-long cold. I tried anti-histamines and found the drowsiness even worse than my hayfever symptoms. Then I heard about using locally made honey to help with pollen allergies.

  It is thought that as bees local to you are using local pollen to make their honey, there may be a desensitising affect on allergy symptoms.  Over a period of three summers, my symptoms have definitely improved, and I really enjoy eating the honey in a variety of different dishes and drinks.

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