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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Instagram days August 13-18

Early on the Saturday morning we set off for the 180 mile trip to see my son who lives in South Devon.  The middle picture shows his vegetable garden, where I lazed on the grass journaling and crocheting and just relaxing.  We travelled to North Devon and hiked through woods to little coves, and we swam in one.  It was cold, but the water was beautifully clear and the waves were quite strong, which was fun.

Latest crochet project is with some aran acrylic wool I bought in my local wool shop.  I'm not usually a big fan of synthetic yarn, but the colours were so amazing and I could just totally visualise what I could do with them, so I succumbed!  I like to have a project to take away with me, especially on a long journey where I'm not driving.

The sunset top right was taken in the beer garden of my favourite pub in North Devon, one I am a bit obsessed with as when I go in there I always feel like I had a past life there or something!  Middle left is a picture of my local doggy walking fields where the farmer is gathering in his crops by the light of a full moon, right before the wet weather came in.  I feel like time is marching on when I see this, reminding me that summer is going to give way soon to Autumn, and my time of not really cracking on with anything other than painting the walls will soon give way to starting up my reflexology business and working hard over the coming months at my businesses and at Sussex Bonfire, which is just around the corner.

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