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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My week on Instagram 23-30th July

Saturday July 23rd began with the arrival of my favourite Drops yarn, Nepal.  Nepal is a beautiful, soft, aran weight yarn which is 35% Alpaca and 65% Wool.  I love natural yarns, even though they tend to be more expensive than synthetic yarn, because my crochet work is mainly for babies.  I make little pram blankets, and I'm going to be adding cord ties to my shop soon too. The gorgeous grey purple colour is the one I'm using to make the little granny-squares blanket, and I'm thinking of adding a picot edging in the pink.  I bought some more white, for another project, and some grey to try out.

Essentially that could have been the end of the day right there, because I wanted to just curl up on my bed with Ernie and a huge pot of tea and my crochet hook and get to work.  But I resisted the temptation.

   The following picture shows my Student of the Year Award which I picked up at my graduation ceremony on Monday 25th, gaining my diploma in reflexology, and this really touching award alongside it which was a total surprise!!  My family came along too and my daughter made me a graduation cake with a little mortar board and scroll and flowers.  I was so incredibly touched and grateful for their support and presence.  The photograph below is us in the car park afterwards, in the evening blessed with these beautiful ones.

The two photographs to the right are from my walk with Ernie in fields close to our place, the corn has grown so high I couldn't even see him, and the colour was real gleaming gold.

That last one is a throw back to a couple of years ago.  I was scrolling through my phone's store of photos and came across this one of me with my long hair.   I am 7 months into growing it back after a pixie cut, last trimmed in December last year.  I am missing my long hair and the growing back process is getting more and more painful as my hair grows, sticks out, and generally needs taming or hiding under a hat until the length and weight of it brings it down again!  I can't wait.

Have a look at Drops nepal yarn here and check out the wonderful wool warehouse.  If you're in the UK they offer free delivery on orders over £25 and they aim to get any orders received before 2pm out that same day, which is great if your patience is as non-existent as mine is.


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