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Friday, 12 August 2016

My days on Instagram 7-12th August

Dave was off this week, and although it all looks very jolly and busy, this was not an easy week emotionally.  We both have workaholic tendencies, and different expectations of time off, and of each other in our downtime.

I can either be glued to my laptop/books/workbench for 18 hours a day, barely looking at Dave as he brings me a cuppa, or I can feel rejected and angry when he finds something to occupy himself that doesn't include me, and takes away from our time together.

Add into this mix a crushing debt, a front room that is being partially converted into my treatment room for reflexology clients, ( ancient sofas must go, but we've built a wall since buying them and they will need to be sawn up to remove them...Dave doesn't want them to go...we are at impasse..) and numerous other jobs that need doing.  Also in this brew is the fact that his holiday is broken into 3 separate weeks, and you can see how we are finding it hard to change gears and get relaxed...but we managed it!

Sunday was my most awesome first visit to Brands Hatch to see the British Superbikes racing, and I was absolutely blown away by the sheer power and proximity of all the fabulous machines and demi-god riders.  I'm a biker myself and travel pillion, so I have an appreciation of speed, split second judgement, peripheral vision, all-round awareness as well as the incredible forces acting on the body on a bike.  What I hadn't thought about, is the group-awareness that this swarm of crazy bees has to have, acting as they do like fish in a shoal, individual but part of a pack.

On Monday my grandbabies spent the day.  Little brother was covered in chicken pox, so S and I took ourselves off with Ernie to the woods and fields to rejoice in some precious time together, sunshine and early blackberries.

On Tuesday my new read arrived, and I snuggled in the old sofa under the grape-vine to immerse myself in Suzanne Colson's 'An Introduction to Biological Nurturing'  I use BN all the time with mums in clinic.  It is a little known fact that this is our natural feeding position as mammals, and a conversation with my mentor during my recognition interview (recognised birth doula now!!!) made me realise that I have to dive into this more deeply.

On Wednesday I worked on the new leather, which is sublime in every way.  Senses overload.  I also took my monthly hair-growth selfie, and I'm just so pleased that it's put-uppable at last.  It's just a crazy, frizzy fright at the moment and it needs to get long enough to weigh itself down.  Which is taking forever.

On Thursday we packed a picnic and Ernie, and drove up to Beachy Head to watch the first day of Eastbourne Airbourne show.  We watched from the truck, although we did head up onto the hills overlooking the sea, but the wind was too much.  I finished my crochet, took a call from my mentor's client who wanted some breastfeeding support (haha still working!!) and we met up with T, my bro, had a drink at the pub then headed home via a Birling Gap sunset, and a quick wee for Ernie on the village green at Alfriston.


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