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Friday, 9 September 2016

8 week blood sugar diet Week #3

Almost two weeks at this thing and despite my sugar demons coming out to torment me and win a couple of times, I have managed to keep the 8lb weight loss, and not beat myself up to badly, and get back on it straight away.

I love the fact that the food I can eat on this diet is fat-rich, otherwise I'm not sure I'd cope at all.  It is also food which I'm quite used, eggs, greens, nuts, seeds, cheeses, beans and pulses.  I like the confidence of knowing that I don't have to go out of my way to shop specially for my diet, as this sort of food is in my kitchen anyway.  My meals are super-tasty and filling and I almost never feel actual hunger, and when I do its more to do with the fact that I am combining intermittent fasting with the blood sugar diet,

 The tough part is dealing with my crazy afternoon and evening sugar cravings.  Yogurt with one or two raspberries and blue berries is helping a bit, I have been adding the tiniest smidgen of date nectar...figuring that it is preferable to rummaging in Dave's pants drawer where he has hidden a selection of Mr Kipling's finest sugary shit and various chocolate biscuits for everyone's packed lunch.

I have had a couple of glasses of red wine over last weekend, which threw the sugars out a bit the next day and possibly made my cravings worse.  I have had two cherry bakewells and two bramley apple pies during the evenings following the weekend and it's been a week since my last confession.  I actually felt really ill after the two apple pies, which is good!

The fasting is going great, I have slipped nicely into the pattern of 11am breakfast then tea around six pm.  There are a couple of long days at work where I juggle the times about a bit, but no biggie.  I'm loving the walking, and most days I get in around 10,000 steps, but I'm not gonna lie,  some days I am too damn tired to go out on that second walk.

I was so pleased with the initial big weight loss that I did my usual trick of falling straight off the wagon and rewarding myself with some sweet calories, but I haven't let that little wobble which I almost expected, to throw me off track.  The photograph shows a little breakfast selection, I seem to be eating non-stop plates of smoked salmon and eggs...not bad eh!!  The top picture shows a grilled portobello mushroom with creme fraiche and toasted almonds, so tasty!

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