Life as a Doula, Journey of a Woman


This blog is Wild.  It can't be tamed, I tried to stick to the subject of my work as a birthkeeper (doula, breastfeeding peer supporter, placenta specialist, bones closer) reflexologist and Etsy shop owner, but it just grew into everything I'm passionate about interspersed with the richness of my life experiences and a few reviews, and recipes. If you like that kind of blog, I've continued with it over here now Jil Wild Blog and I am going to be good from now on and blog here only about my work!

Posts before I made this change include my experience of hysterectomy at the age of 49, due to endometrial hyperplasia.  It bought on a surgical menopause, and I know this will be something women want to write a lot and read a lot about. Most writing I come across centres on the woman's physical experiences of menopause, which I completely understand. Just as birth can be painful, challenging, test our limits and reveal our strengths, so can menopause. I tell my emotional and spiritual story of my life.  You will be relieved to hear that I have a black humour (as many medically trained people do) and I use it to lighten up the subject!  This isn't because I don't see how deeply important this time is for women, quite the opposite...when I am being most sarcastic and humorous is usually where I hurt and feel the most.  Enjoy!!


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