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Hi there, I'm Jil!

I'm a Mid-Sussex-based Doula with a special interest in breastfeeding support.  I'm also a Maternity Reflexologist.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, and let me tell you something about me, so you can see if I'm going to be of any help to you. I'm a nanna to three gorgeous little honeys, and a mum of five grown-up children, and I breastfed all of them unsuccessfully.  By that I mean that I wasn't able to feed for as long as I would have liked for various reasons, ALL of which would have been resolved by a combination of two vital things - information and support.  I was more or less totally unsupported by anyone who knew anything about breastfeeding, and I didn't get to experience the deep sense of achievement and joy that I now know is not only possible, but I believe it's how nature intended us to feel.

So h
ow can I help you?

I offer antenatal preparation for breastfeeding sessions covering everything you need to know.

 If you're pregnant, and you're feeling like this ought to come naturally but people you know have struggled and you're wondering if there's something you could do to prepare, this is for you!
 If you'd like someone to come round for a couple of hours and run through all the useful stuff you need to know with you and your support people (partner, mum, friends, sisters, older children) this is for you.  I'll leave you feeling ready... excited, prepared and supported.  You'll have written material and access to all the information online, and lots of useful resources.
 You'll have practised positioning and attachment, become a dab hand at the various fab positions for feeding your babe, and mastered the collection of colostrum by syringe (using water obvs!!) 
 We'll have talked about what to do in the first few hours after birth to get off to a great start, and we'll look at all the possible scenarios which that might involve. 

I also offer short post natal doula sessions where we concentrate on getting you comfortable and super-confident with the feeding.

 You've had your baby, and you're home. Your midwife or more likely the hospital maternity support workers will call in to visit if you request support from them.  You may visit your local drop-in, or call on the services of an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant, they have an extensive training in all areas of breastfeeding)  All absolutely great... but then so am I, and my services slot in very nicely alongside any or all of the estimable people mentioned above.

 My mission is to make sure that your baby is feeding as efficiently as possible and that you are comfortable, using the optimum positioning and attachment for you and your baby as individuals.  I can come round at a time that suits you, stay for as long as it takes to observe an entire feed in a completely unhurried way, offering gentle suggestions if I feel it's appropriate to make you both more comfortable.
The early days can feel like being lost in a forest of constant feeding, but let me tell you there is a map and the terrain does change as the weeks go by. I can shine a light on this for you so that you have an idea about what to expect, and what to look out for.  I will do some myth-busting to make sure that you stay on track despite some of the erroneous but tenacious old wives' tales out there.    
 Ask me anything you like, I'm a mine of information and fascinating breastfeeding facts and anything I don't know I will find out.  I have a very comprehensive library of up to date professional lactation publications to refer to, and a network of knowledgeable professionals to call upon.

I am very clear about my own boundaries and scope of practice; I am a doula, and we offer practical and emotional support, NOT medical advice. Working at the level of a trained and experienced breastfeeding peer supporter, I offer information about how breastfeeding works, and suggestions for coping with the common challenges, as well as being able to assess and offer ideas for adjustment of positioning and attachment.  I absolutely recognise the importance of signposting you on if what you are experiencing is out of my scope of practice.

 In addition to this I take on a very limited number of birth clients per year, and also offer traditional and maternity reflexology, from my welcoming home clinic or mobile if that's easier for you.  

If you'd like a chat about using my services, TEXT 07515287968 or email


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