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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


It's quiet and cold at home, and I have plenty to be getting on with, but it feels like I'm waiting for something.  I'm up to date with the doctors, and on a new round of pills, and she has confirmed that she can't find a reason for my constant nagging back pain.  I must have just strained it, doing all this laying about.
My biopsy result was 'atypical hyperplasia'.   The GP said she didn't know what that meant, the consultant would explain, and that an appointment should be through soon.  I left it at that.
The dog and I went for a walk across the farmland in brilliant winter sunshine, the air as cold as a steel knife.  We made it a long walk, and as I put my key in the door and picked up the letter I thought of hot tea.  Kettle on, boots off, letter open.  Come and discuss your biopsy results with the gynaecological oncology team.  Oh.  Ok.  I guess I need to Google 'atypical hyperplasia', which must be cancerous or pre-cancerous cells.
I know this sounds mad, but after the initial shock came relief.  My body relaxed, knowing that finally, someone had heard and understood its cries for help.

I'll keep you posted.

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