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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Chill day :-)

Chilling out with a nice cuppa and a biscuit!

This is what I mainly did today!  And I really needed it.  The bonfire season is upon us so weekends are really busy, with out-fires (what a lovely old term!) on Saturday nights, and torch making on Sundays.  I'm having packed days in the clinics that I work in, and between encapsulating placentas and running my Mid Sussex Birthing Beads business,  the days are flying by.
This is great, and I am in the enviable position in my life of loving every aspect of my work.  It hasn't always been thus, so I really, really appreciate it.  Sometimes though, I just need to have a day to myself, in my trackies, watching JK, drinking tea, listening to Planet Rock, or catching up on You Tube videos.  Inevitably I end up reading breastfeeding textbooks or making beads, but that's all part of loving what you do!  I just love being able to do it all in my favourite room, pottering about with Ernie and the radio for company.
I am so sorely tempted to do it all again tomorrow too!! I'm becoming a hermit :-)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Latest creations from the bead factory!

Bracelets with raw amber in light cognac and polished green amber, plus gemstones and glass beads
I've been rather busy since that delivery, making up some adult bracelets, using knotted silk and also a lovely strong elasticated beading thread, which eliminates the need for a clasp.  Amber is great for adults as well as children, so if you suffer with any kind of inflammatory condition or pain, it can be of help.  I've threaded these bracelets with seed beads, and a variety of glass beads and gemstones too.  The big clear bead in the centre of the picture is fluorite.  This gemstone comes in greeny purply tones as well, both clear and slightly opaque, and is thought to help with painful conditions, as well helping with anxiety and letting go.  Check out the shop here !

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Raw amber delivery

How lovely is this raw amber in light cognac!  The beads are really tiny too, at around 4mm, just right for making some sweet baby teething necklaces and anklets.  They look really great strung on an elastic thread and interspersed with seed beads to make an adult to follow!
Of course you get the healing properties of amber too, so if you're suffering carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury or a broken wrist, or any other wrist, hand or arm injury, the succinic acid released by the amber warming against your skin will act as an anti inflammatory and analgesic.
I could go on creating with this all night, but its bonfire season, so we will be heading out soon, so time to get my costume on and head out into the wilds of Sussex.
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