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Friday, 14 November 2014

In the bead factory today

Busy creating in the bead factory today!
This is the view today from the bead factory.  I'm working towards doing a craft fair in December, and if I do this craft fair, I'm going to need lots of stock.

On the left is my personal favourite design, and one that is very popular.  The amber is rare green polished amber, with inclusions.  I've combined it with gemstones that are associated with feminine energies (freshwater pearl) letting go of the past and destructive compulsions (amethyst) and harmony and self-expression (azurite chryscolla)

The Motherbeads necklaces are strung onto double-looped tiger tail and the beads are interspersed with seed beads.  As the design is so popular, I decided to replicate it in my stretchy bracelet range, like these:
stretchy bracelets (not the far right one...that's knotted!)

In order to reign in my imagination a bit, I tend to work contrasting designs together.  That's why there are two different bracelets on the go on the bead board.

I'm looking forward to adding the 'Origin' design to the stretchy bracelets in my shop!

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