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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Green Baltic Amber knotted on green silk. Looking forward to Spring!

Custom-made 10 inch teething necklace

This photograph is  a close-up of a simple teething necklace  made yesterday for my friend's grandson.

It is a ten inch necklace, made from green amber polished baroque beads, knotted onto German green silk.  The clasp is a traditional Lithuanian baby teething necklace barrel clasp, made to break under pressure, for safety.

The variety of green amber is what makes it probably my favourite colour.  Green also seems to come with the highest number of natural inclusions...ancient bits of insect and plant life from the time before this plant resin was fossilized.

Green amber can be clear or opaque, with tiny dark or large milky butterscotch and white inclusions.  Beautiful!

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