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Sunday, 11 January 2015


New design in the making

This is the design I've been wanting to make for ages, but the problem has been sourcing the sea glass.

I knew as soon as I started working with raw (unpolished) amber, that I wanted to combine it with sea glass, because the texure is almost identical.  I just knew that the combination would be a marriage made in heaven!

Sea glass, as you probably know, is fragments of glass bottles left on the beach and worn evenly by the relentless tide, from jagged broken shiny clear glass, into soft nuggets of opaque, mysterious sea treasures for the taking.

Or the purchasing, when it comes to a beading enthusiast like me, wanting glass nuggets with holes drilled in them.  I've been searching for drilled sea glass beads with much success, but the only part I haven't liked is the price, at around a GB pound a piece.  Too much for a skin-flint like myself, so I was ultra-chuffed to find these pieces in another incarnation, just waiting to be dismantled and bought back to life in one of my amber necklaces.  Bit of a shock to find that they weren't drilled either, but have a groove worn into either side to accommodate jewellery wire.  A very fortuitous find, and I am enjoying creating a unique necklace from a couple of the sea glass beads.  Such a lovely colour too, really perfect contrast to my light cognac raw amber.  Like the sunshine and sand against the blue of the sea and sky of a perfect beach day.

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