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Thursday, 26 February 2015

16 8 diet cheating with a cheeky juice

This juice is a bit of a cheat because I am supposed to be following the 16.8 diet, and I made it at 9am this morning, and my 8 hour eating window is from midday to 8pm!  It's working really well for me.
 I guess I could have put it in the fridge for later, but there is something about breaking out all that juicy goodness from where it's being stored in the vegetables and fruits and roots, which makes me want to take advantage of the freshness and drink it straight away.
 I'm sure the essential goodness would survive a few hours in the fridge, but there's nothing like the vibrant energy of freshly masticated juice!
The little roots with the orange middle are turmeric.  There's a bit of kale, some broccoli (not shown in the picture - I forgot it!) apples, spinach, a little slice of lemon, and a carrot, also in here.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


I just finished this piece, made with the new chunky fat butterscotch Lithuanian beads that arrived on Friday.  The turquoise has been sitting around for ages just waiting for something suitably manly and fierce to complement its uncompromising form...I'm so glad I saved it.

This has been a satisfying project to spend the weekend working on, a perfect complement to my birth work, which has actually been a sore trial this week...not down to any one mum or baby, rather down to a strange person who keeps trying to make trouble for my placenta business...but that's another story!!!

Friday, 6 February 2015

It's ok, sometimes you just need to take time to be.

It's been a full on week!  Starting on Monday, with a drop in clinic, that I just couldn't attend.  I very rarely miss one, and I do often think about the mums who I support there, and wonder how they are doing.  So when my clinic days come round I am anticipating seeing various repeat clients and finding out about their progress and challenges, and having baby cuddles sometimes too.

This week was different.  Monday was the 27th anniversary of my dad's very sudden and shocking death.  I still miss him, and some years on the anniversary I will have a day of illness, or sadness, or just a day that needs to be for me, where I would be no good giving to others.  Hence I bowed out of Monday's clinic and went out to town for a day by myself, and had a rose tattoo I've been planning with EJ from Angelic Hell for a while.  The rose reminds me of my job as a little one in my dad's rose garden, dead-heading the roses.  It feels like a present from him...even though he will, where ever he now is, be utterly horrified by a few aspects of my life, but none more than me sporting tattoos.

The feeling of being exhausted on a deep level continued until Friday morning.  I went with it, I laid around and did not a lot.  Ernie and I walked for miles.  I gave thanks for my self-employment which supports my dips and surges in energy.  So Friday, after a good, deep dreaming sleep, I finally felt rested, refreshed, and ready to be up and at em.

Being not doing.  As in doulaing, so in life.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Raw black cherry with Amazonite

Latest batch of amber took an incredibly looooong time to arrive, and now it has I'm more than ready to be making up all the designs that have been buzzing around my head since I ordered it.   

This raw cherry amber is absolutely gorgeous in a very dark sort of way. The camera doesn't capture the true nature of the colour of this has a real dark redness in the black which seems to emanate from within it!  

All colours of amber have the same healing property, but for some reason this particular colour feels even more ancient and powerful than the rest.  I've added just one gemstone to this one, as I feel the cherry is powerful enough on its own, and doesn't need any distractions from it's beauty, just one contrasting gem.  Amazonite is powerful and beautiful in its own right, the perfect accompaniment.  It is reputed to help with eczema, stress, and colic.

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