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Thursday, 26 February 2015

16 8 diet cheating with a cheeky juice

This juice is a bit of a cheat because I am supposed to be following the 16.8 diet, and I made it at 9am this morning, and my 8 hour eating window is from midday to 8pm!  It's working really well for me.
 I guess I could have put it in the fridge for later, but there is something about breaking out all that juicy goodness from where it's being stored in the vegetables and fruits and roots, which makes me want to take advantage of the freshness and drink it straight away.
 I'm sure the essential goodness would survive a few hours in the fridge, but there's nothing like the vibrant energy of freshly masticated juice!
The little roots with the orange middle are turmeric.  There's a bit of kale, some broccoli (not shown in the picture - I forgot it!) apples, spinach, a little slice of lemon, and a carrot, also in here.

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