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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Raw black cherry with Amazonite

Latest batch of amber took an incredibly looooong time to arrive, and now it has I'm more than ready to be making up all the designs that have been buzzing around my head since I ordered it.   

This raw cherry amber is absolutely gorgeous in a very dark sort of way. The camera doesn't capture the true nature of the colour of this has a real dark redness in the black which seems to emanate from within it!  

All colours of amber have the same healing property, but for some reason this particular colour feels even more ancient and powerful than the rest.  I've added just one gemstone to this one, as I feel the cherry is powerful enough on its own, and doesn't need any distractions from it's beauty, just one contrasting gem.  Amazonite is powerful and beautiful in its own right, the perfect accompaniment.  It is reputed to help with eczema, stress, and colic.


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