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Monday, 27 July 2015

Mama and baby amber necklace set

I had a repair in today, which made  me get my bead board out and finish something I started ages ago but put away in favour of doing outdoors, summer-type stuff, rather than sitting indoors beading.

It is part and parcel of selling amber teething jewellery that you expect to get pieces sent back for repair now and then.  I always clearly state that necklaces should be removed for bathing and swimming, because the silk gets stretched and ruined by water, even though amber is fine in water, as it is harvested from the sea. Of course, amber will be damaged by detergents in bath water, like bubble bath, shampoo and soap, as well as chlorine in swimming pool water.  So if you've wrecked your necklace by wetting it, I will be able to tell and won't be offering you a free repair!  Amber teething necklaces are made by knotting each bead separately so that if the necklace breaks, you won't loose more than one bead.  I get my clasps from Lithuania, they are specially made to break easily for safety, so that if the necklace is put under pressure, it comes apart.

So, with my beading board out I set about making my first Mama and baby set.  Traditionally, these would have been given to the mother to wear during pregnancy, as a necklace for her, and a bracelet. she would wear them both, impregnating them with her vibrations.  Then, when her baby was born, she would wrap the bracelet around the baby's ankle, and later, his or her neck.  As the amber had taken on the mother's vibration, they were thought to be uniquely placed to comfort the baby.

I chose the gemstones for this one, for their calming properties, and for the quality of letting go.  Some mums and babies have a need to release their birth experience for well-being, and this necklace was made especially with this in mind. If you know anyone who might like this, do go to the shop and buy it for her!

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