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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Why did you do that?

 I know, its a pretty drastic change, and I should probably have expected some questions from those around me, but I honestly didn't expect the amount of attention that this change generated.

I had my long curly dark brown hair cut in May 2015. The photograph on the left shows me in December 2015, the middle one is March 2016, and the last one is June 2016.

When I originally had it cut, I changed my profile pictures on social media to keep up with my new look, and the most common reactions to this were:

"Why did you do that?"

Why did I do what? Visit the hairdresser? Get a haircut? Get a new style? Actually get a style for a change?  Well believe it or not it was for the same reason every other woman visits the hairdressers I should look good and feel better.

"Will you grow it back?"

Well it will keep growing, and for now, I imagine I will keep having it cut.  Because I can't think of a single reason to grow it long again. Except that actually now I am bored again and growing it again

"What have you done??!!"

I've freed myself, that's what I've done.

I've freed myself from being 'that woman with all the hair'.  I've freed myself from 5.30am starts when I don't have to actually leave the house until 8am but I need the time to wash, condition, rinse, dry and style the monster. Add another 40 minutes if I'm going to straighten it, which I need to do in order for it to look neat. But which I can't do if it's misty, humid, too hot, or raining.  Or if I'm going to the gym, or to swim.  And finally, I have freed myself from starting every shopping list with 'hair grips' and 'hair ties'. Oh, and last of all, constant, nagging neck ache.  That's what I've done.

Some people were actually annoyed at me for doing it!  Which I find curiously touching, that someone should actually be so moved by something I've done to myself, for my own reasons, and my own ends.  Bless their hearts!  My hairdresser nodded sagely when I told her about this, and said simply,

"People don't like change."

Well I'm loving it!

Footnote: (June 2016) Bit bored with it now and growing it back!


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