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Monday, 30 May 2016

In the woods

My spirit lives in the woods. Not these particular ones, although I do find myself here a lot.  If I go to the edge of these woods and look across the fields and into the far distance I can see the canopy of the woods that my spirit lives in, around five or six miles away.

I can think in here, I can feel at peace.  Answers come to me in this space, ideas and understanding.  I walk here to consolidate work I have been doing, or to get away from it!

The woods were so important to me as a child, it was the realm of the children who built dams in the stream and camps in the trees.  I can't imagine a childhood without the freedom of these kinds of spaces.

Tonight I may be called to one of two births  which are imminent.  At home I faff around with my doula bag, with birth preference documents and a change of clothes, with the practicalities of being called out at any time for however long.  Up here, I forget all of that and connect with the same force of nature that will be governing the birth, and regard it with the same sense of wonder that I will feel as a witness to that event.


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Power Lunch

Wednesdays can be busy, with two drop-in clinics to attend, and not much time in between them to clear up, drive to the hospital, park and then help set up for the afternoon.

I need a lunchtime boost which preferably doesn't involve queuing for ages for canteen food or crunching my way through a home-made lunch box, which is why I like to pick up a juice I made in the morning, from my fridge en route.

I juice my pineapples with the skin still on, as this is where the bromelain is found.  This is an enzyme which aides digestion and helps dissolve excess mucus, as well as being a great anti-inflammatory.  Cucumber is an excellent diuretic, and ginger is a natural antibiotic and decongestant.  Lemon is cleansing and helps to eliminate toxin.  I love the beetroot juice the best, it is as thick as blood and looks just as potent.  It cleanses the liver, and helps to reduce hardening of the arteries.  All together this juice gives a hit of potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, phosophorus, chromium, magnesium, sulphur, chlorine and bromelain.  It's easy and refreshing to drink if you're lunching in a hurry, and doesn't tire you out as it's so easy to digest.  You might want to wipe your mouth afterwards though, and be careful of fluorescent pink spillages from the beet!

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