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Monday, 30 May 2016

In the woods

My spirit lives in the woods. Not these particular ones, although I do find myself here a lot.  If I go to the edge of these woods and look across the fields and into the far distance I can see the canopy of the woods that my spirit lives in, around five or six miles away.

I can think in here, I can feel at peace.  Answers come to me in this space, ideas and understanding.  I walk here to consolidate work I have been doing, or to get away from it!

The woods were so important to me as a child, it was the realm of the children who built dams in the stream and camps in the trees.  I can't imagine a childhood without the freedom of these kinds of spaces.

Tonight I may be called to one of two births  which are imminent.  At home I faff around with my doula bag, with birth preference documents and a change of clothes, with the practicalities of being called out at any time for however long.  Up here, I forget all of that and connect with the same force of nature that will be governing the birth, and regard it with the same sense of wonder that I will feel as a witness to that event.


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