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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tough and Tender

 I can't take a photograph that can capture the beauty of the hide I'm working on today.  I've tried!  I've photographed it from every angle, and in  different lights, but my camera can't quite capture  the qualities that my eyes can appreciate and my  hands can feel.

 Before I begin to cut into this, I take time to look at  it, study it as a whole, its wrinkles, the smooth  dense grain, the little scars where the skin was  healing from little cuts and bites from insects.

 This is full-grain vegetable tanned Italian leather.  The finish on this makes it unique, different from the  leathers we encounter usually.  This skin is tender.  It  marks when it's knocked or scraped, so I treat it  gently and carefully whilst it's in my care.

 I also treat it, on the inside and out, with two different leather-care products, buffing and shining it in between each.  I gently round the edges of my journal covers, and burnish them.

When someone buys a Jil Wild journal cover, the leather has already seen some of life, received some love, and been carefully prepared for the next stage of its life, with it's new companion.  If that's you, you will straight away begin to add to the story of this life, with records of your life together.  Not just the notebooks that you write in on the inside, but the little scrapes and scratches and marks you put into the outside, as you live with it. And they will fade and change and blend as time goes on.  The natural oils from your hands will add patina and shine, and some of your unique self.

I love this leather.  It's tough and tender.  It will last a lifetime, but it will mark everyday. I love these little scars. Scars are life, age, hurt, healing, story, riches, whole, beauty.

Using my own Minidori to measure out sizes. Chunky little monkey.

Keyring Microdori


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