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Friday, 1 July 2016


It's the first of July, although someone needs to remind the weather of that!  I don't begin a new daily planner and work planner page in my Midori Travellers Notebook at the beginning of every month though, this is just a happy coincidence.  My  Midori, (her name is Coco) is my wallet, calendar and bullet journal, my daily carry. It usually happens that I need to renew these pages around once or twice a season.  I renew them when they're full, or when I'm feeling like starting afresh.

I like the feeling I get when I see lines through lists of stuff I thought I'd never get to the end of, it gives me the feeling of achievement, but more importantly, of the potential and possibility of getting the things I want in life by setting a little intention to do it...which is to me, what a list is.

Of course this isn't everything; there are other lists on other pages!  Anything I need to buy goes on my shopping list (duh) because keeping it all visible, food as well as other bits, makes me aware of my spending and having it all in one place is helpful when I find myself at the shops thinking 'now what else did i need? and that could be food, household stuff, or anything that I might not usually put on a food shopping list, but the point is it's there in front of me, less likely to be forgotten.

I have been putting a 'menu' page opposite my shopping page this year because it seemed to me that they might go together, but it turns out they don't really.  Or I just don't plan our meals anymore in the way that I used to when there were seven of us living at home and the evening meal was an event in itself, and on a tight budget, planning the week's meals in advance prevented wasteful shopping. 

Other lists in this journal are: (My gaaad but I love a list!)

  • Books to look out for
  • Brain dump
  • To do list (not immediate stuff which goes on the daily planner, but longer term goals)
So this morning was just about taking a little time out of my work day ( I'm not procrastinating, honest!) to reconnect with myself, organise my thoughts and enjoy a little play.  And now, with all those cut out templates of leather awaiting holes to be punched and corners to be rounded, I must get back to the business of the day.

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