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Monday, 29 August 2016

8 week blood sugar diet day #2

I'm reporting from the front line on the second day of my brand new diet.  I did intend to post photographs of my intake today for your enjoyment but my camera wasn't playing you have this gorgeous sunset taken from my favourite pub destination in the country in Devon instead, and I promise food photos tomorrow.

I have been sorting out my shizzle regarding this new diet today, and I have to explain some changes to my plans.  Firstly, I will still be intermittently fasting, following the 16 hour fasting, 8 hour eating window plan, but in addition to this, I'm going for a rapid weight-loss, reprogramming diet to address my sugar addiction.  It is the 8 week blood sugar diet by Dr Michael Mosley, and is based on the Mediterranean diet rich in fish, eggs, olive oil, nuts, green leafy leaves, low on carbs and sugar.  It is an 800 calorie a day diet, so may not be for everyone. His book explains everything, and is really comprehensive with 4 weeks of meal plans and 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  There are ideas for low calorie soups and drinks too.

I have re-started the My Fitness Pal app to record my calorie intake, and downloaded the RunMaster Pedometer App as well.  Michael Mosley's diet is about lifestyle change and all round fitness and he encourages you to work up to 10,000 steps per day.  Well I had no idea whatsoever how many steps I take in a day, probably a lot less than I used to as a busy bar manager!  Ernie and I did our usual walk which lasts around an hour, and I found that it was around 4,500 steps.  So I will be upping my steppage gradually, aiming at the 10,000 mark.

So a quick run down of today's intake:

  • Hot water and lemon on waking
  • Various cups of tea with skimmed milk (15 calories) and cups fruit teas
  • 11.30am Breakfast 50g Tesco muesli with some linseeds, chia seeds
  • Lunch 3.30pm One fried egg, half an avocado and about 50g of smoked salmon seasoned with salt and paprika
  • Dinner 6.30pm full fat yogurt with raspberries
Written down like that it is frankly shocking, in comparison to my usual intake. I cannot believe that I feel so, so good.  There was a little bit of light headedness before breakfast, but absolutely NO hunger!!!  I had a slight headache this morning, which I put down to my body getting used to the new regime.  Other than that I am weeing a lot more because I am drinking a lot more tea and water.  I'm sure it won't always be this easy, it will be great if it is!  Over and out! 

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