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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Instagram week 20-27 August

Now the weather has broken with some rain this morning, I'm looking back at parts of this week with nostalgia already!  It was the second week of our summer holiday, with the first week being at the beginning of a bit disjointed, but very lucky with hot sunshine.

I'm not gonna lie, that day on our bikes cycling between Saltdean and Brighton Marina was the best of a fraught and stressful week.  I know lots of people who get sick during the Christmas break because they've finally stopped, relaxed and had time to themselves...I used to be one of these people.  In my marriage though, it is holiday times that bring out that sense of finally stopping, having a slice of time to not devote to work, and we don't always cope so well with that.

  For me there was a sense of desperately trying to make the most of our time to ourselves as a couple, with no money to enable us to actually get away, the house still busy with comings and goings of our children, and the total uproar of the front room being painted.  I sometimes feel that we had more privacy as a couple when our five children were little, than now when they are in their twenties.

 Carry on with the painting, or try and enjoy ourselves? We did manage to do both, as the picture bottom right shows my newly painted sideboard in the front room (I know, it looks like a dressing table) Next to that is Ernie, unimpressed that he is not allowed on my new rug, although I'm way too soft to keep up with that rule.

I nicknamed the living room 'the parlour' last year, as it was shut up all summer unused, except for when visitors came, or in the winter when the open fire brings it alive.  We all tend to congregate and eat in the kitchen, and now there's only my youngest at home, he goes out or to his room, and we to ours in the evenings.  I really disliked the heavy dark furniture that Dave favours, and all his old fashioned clutter, so its not a room I ever sat in much.  One end is a Welsh Dresser and dining table, and the other is sofas around the fireplace.

 When I had to do my case studies for my reflexology diploma at the beginning of this year, I decided to transform the room into a treatment room.  My clients absolutely loved the open fire, and made me see the possibilities of loving that room again, so my transformation of it started there. I wanted a space to work in, but also that would be a pleasure to relax and dine in.   We are on a shoestring so purchased only white paint and new, well, secondhand sofas, a rug from B&Q and some cushions.  The colour scheme has gone from dark reds and browns to  a white, seaside inspired look.  The colour accents are natural greys, sand and a hint of sea blue.  The old faithful sofas have been great for accommodating overnight guests and our large family, but honestly they were enormous, dominated the room and didn't allow for any flexibility. We've built a wall since buying them 22 years ago, and they are so massive that they don't fit through the doorway, so the only way to get them out of the room was to saw them up.  Bless Dave, he really liked them, and hated destroying them, but loves the result.

The key to the transformation of my front room has been to get shot of most of it and paint the rest white, letting it breathe.  Dear lord but I know how to have a holiday.

 We had a little celebration for my middle son's birthday, as he will be away for the actual day at Shambala festival, working in the Wide Awake Cafe.  His birthday at the end of August always marks the end of the summer for me; an evocative time of the turning of the year towards Autumn, that 'back to school' feeling, and bonfire.

 To my great pleasure and excitement, torch making starts next Sunday.  By then, I hope I will have had a week back on my 16-8 diet, and have taken delivery of my new combined planner and appointments diary.  I designed the planner online myself, and I'll review it for you when it arrives.  I am an avid journaler as you know but this is my first venture into properly planning and scheduling more than just the normal appointments and on call periods.  I am seeing the value in setting some clear goals, and using this planner to help me keep my theory!   September really is like a mini new year for me. 

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