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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

8 week blood sugar diet week #4

It's the picture I hoped I wouldn't be posting...but I have to be honest here and tell you that I'm struggling!

The food on the diet is delicious, and easy.  I don't get hungry, and I'm enjoying the increased activity and finding that it feels normal to do 10000 steps most days now.  I've dropped 11lbs, and stayed there, but my sweet tooth and sugar cravings have not yet been beaten.

I can go all day, most days, without a hitch...and then the evening comes around and I crave sugar with every fibre of my being, or so it feels.

Michael Mosely talks about dealing with hunger in his book on the 5:2 diet.  He talks about finding other activities to occupy the mind, whilst acknowledging that hunger is a temporary state and will subside, rather than get worse over time.  I don't experience very much actual hunger, but am going to use these techniques to try and cope with my cravings.  I'm going to up my mindfulness practise, and keep on keeping on.

I don't have willpower.  I need to use distraction techniques, but this sugar demon needs to be slain.  Onwards and upwards.

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