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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beautiful Feet!

Feet are beautiful!  Feet remind me of motorcycle tyres.  Bear with me on this if you're not a motorcyclist, but anyone who rides will know the importance of the machine's tyres.  You can own the most amazing, high-spec vehicle that is a wonder of modern mechanical and electronic engineering, but if the tyres are worn out or not inflated to the correct pressure, all that marvellous potential will be compromised.  All it takes to destabilise the bike is the poor condition of that very small area of rubber which connects it to the road, because that tiny area of connection is crucial to the machine's functioning.  I think it's the same with feet.

Our feet are in most cases, our connection with the earth, and if you ever want to try being a barefoot person, you can read about the benefits here. Information about the environment is received through the soles of your feet, and likewise, the soles of the feet reveal much about the soul of their person.

In some ways, a reflexology treatment on a foot tells me more about the person than looking at their face. Nobody plasters makeup over their feet, or injects them with fillers or botox!  Some will have removed toe hair and had a pedicure, but the sole of the foot is seldom seen, so rarely has any attention paid to it.  In fact, people are sometimes apologetic about presenting their feet to me as I give them a freshening wipe before treatment, but I see their feet as nothing but beautiful, noble and incredible structures that bear the weight of a life.


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