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Thursday, 29 September 2016


 This is a photograph of a place I go to in my head to visualise the sea when I want to relax myself.  I chose this picture of it above more traditional sunny photos because it shows that visualisation for relaxation can mean different things to different people, and different things to the same people at various stages in their lives.

Maybe this reflects my sometimes moody and introspective nature, but I love the subtle soft colours and feeling of coolness and the sensory nature of this image.  Relaxing and calming clients is a big part of my work as a reflexologist.  During the pre-treatment consultation that I go through with clients, it frequently emerges that they are experiencing periods of anxiety, with adrenaline flowing and a temper that's easily frayed.

I call this state 'fast idling', like a car engine that's running unnecessarily fast at tick-over and burning up too much fuel in the process.  People can be in a fast-idling state for different reasons. Habitual negative thinking and worrying engages the sympathetic nervous system which governs our fight-or-flight response, causing the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones.  Over use of stimulants like caffeine and nicotine can do the same thing. This state of constant arousal can compromise the body's natural ability to heal itself, as well as being unpleasant for the person, who cannot relax fully, may experience disturbed sleep or gastric symptoms due to an adrenalised system.

Part of my reflexology practice encompasses going over healthy lifestyle choices open to my clients, so that my treatments can support their quest for health at all levels.  We talk about things like addiction to aspartame, nicotine, caffeine and sugar.  If clients have particular areas of concern like nutrition, sleep patterns, lack of exercise or low mood, we can also discuss ways to support a return to health, and incorporate sequences into the reflexology treatment that will help.

I also find that many clients benefit from the relaxing aspect of reflexology. Many find that the first benefit they notice after a treatment is the better quality of sleep they enjoy, as well as ease in falling to sleep. Over a course of treatments, this benefit extends to lowering the 'idling speed' of the body, reducing stress, anxiety and that constant adrenalised state disappears.  This is the perfect scenario for the body to then begin the re-balancing and healing process, creating a space for repair and new growth and creativity to be expressed.

My relaxing and welcoming home clinic in Hassocks

If you would like a treatment, please email , call or text 07515 287 968  Treatments cost £40 for an hour and 15 minutes and you can take advantage of the offer to book 6 treatments and get the last one free!

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